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Sir Kingsley the Sheltie

Meet Kingsley the Shetland Sheepdog

Pau is quite lovely, especially as I begin to learn how to navigate this town with Kingsley by my side. He is a Shetland Sheepdog who never wants to stop walking so having him as my company around town is nice, even if he likes to act all tough and bark at other dogs because he doesn’t understand how to dog. I’m pretty sure he lives to embarrass me. At home when it is just the two of us he is my sweet little angel, well behaved and cuddly, in public it is a whole other story. He’s got a Napoleon complex for sure.

2015 – Before Kinglsey

Cookie and I Around 2010, my pitbull-dalmation mix breed dog
Cookie & I
Around 2010

In 2015 I went through an extreme phase of homesickness. I had lived in Norway for 3 years at this point and really missed my dog Cookie. Cookie was a pit-bull dalmatian mix we had gotten from the shelter when I was only 10 years old. She was such a sweet and loving dog with truly human emotions. I was devastated to leave her in California, but I knew it was the best decision for her.

My mom worked from home at the time, but in Norway I wouldn’t be able to do the same, so knowing she had my mom around all day was better for her. She was also getting quite old, when I moved she was already 12, on top of that she hated all forms of water and it rains a lot in Norway so I knew she would be miserable. As heartbreaking as it was to leave her I always loved seeing her excited face when I came back to visit.

Kingsley as a puppy hanging out at California Nails
Kingsley as a puppy hanging out at California Nails

Going to Sweden

I knew the cure to my homesickness would be a dog. Dogs are such amazing companions, soothing you when you’re down, always by your side, and was just what we needed to really make our house a home. After much negotiating on what breed would suite Steffen and I best we settled on a Shetland Sheepdog. They are essentially a big dog trapped in a smaller dog’s body.

Because Norway doesn’t have a crisis of dogs in shelters, like there is in the states, we decided to look for a reputable breeder that humanely and lovingly breeds shelties. We found one in Sweden that had just the pup for us, a little runt with a big personality. After debating on the perfect name, we went with Kingsley, no not after the actor, but a name to represent the king he would be. He has definitely lived up to that name and runs this household like the spoiled prince that he is.

Clever Devils

Kingsley, Shetland Sheepdog as a 5-7 week old puppy
5-7 week old Kingsley

No one ever said shelties were an easy breed, but we ignored all that and chalked it up to exaggeration. They can’t possibly bark that much, right? Wrong, Kingsley is a vocal one. Anything that is loud and on wheels, birds, and children running are all things he deems worthy of barking at and chasing. It’s funny because sometimes people look at him like he will attack them when he is barking, in reality he is a big coward. If whatever he is barking at actually comes near him he runs and hides behind me.

Kingsley Playing in the Snow
Playing in the snow

He’s a clever one too, potty training, fetch, and little tricks were all quite easy to train him on. What we had not prepared for was him figuring out things he wasn’t meant to learn. In the evenings, when we feel particularly lazy, he likes to try to “lose” his ball under the couch and cry about it. Even if he is perfectly capable of crawling under to get it himself. He does this for the sole purpose of making us get up and play with him. Evil genius, that one.

Shelties are Worth the Effort

Follow Kingsley on Instagram @sir_kingsley_the_sheltie

Having Kingsley has been a very rewarding experience, watching him grow from our 9-week-old puppy to this clever dog has been amazing. While Steffen is at work and I’m home I never feel alone with him by my side. He’s exploring this new city with me, making the adjustment process much easier. He forces me out of the comfort zone of my apartment to take him on leisurely walks around this beautiful city.

Make sure to keep an eye out for future posts on him and follow his instagram at Sir_Kingsley_The_Sheltie to see his latest shenanigans. Yes, our dog has an Instagram, my mom made me do it.


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