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Sunday in Pau, France

Rest & Relaxation

Sunday morning, a time for coffee and a fresh Pain au Chocolat. Having boulangeries nearby has been such a treat, one can never tire of fresh pastries. This Sunday, we have time to kill while waiting for the big game. Super Bowl, an American event that we plan on staying up late for. In the meantime, we will enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Cycling Through the City

Pau is a very walkable city, it seems as though you’re never far from a restaurant, pub, park, or some form of site-seeing. On a lovely Sunday afternoon we decided to go on a little bike ride around town. Conveniently there is a very affordable bicycle rental option, called IDEcycle. You find a terminal, pay with card, and select a bike. It was super easy, no paperwork hassle, and very affordable. The first two hours are free, and after that it is only 1 € for 24 hours. To find out more about their services and locations check out their website.

Parc Beaumont

It wasn’t particularly warm, but nice enough that I could finally trade in my winter coat for a leather jacket. We rode our bikes through the beautiful Parc Beaumont, around the Casino de Pau and Le Palais Beaumont. This area is absolutely beautiful, and one of Kingsley’s favorite areas to walk around. It faces the Pyrénées mountains with stunning views.

We rode along the Boulevard des Pyrénées, here we found a lovely area filled with restaurants and cafes. This was the perfect stop for a glass of wine, mountain views, and a chance to enjoy some sun. It was quite busy, clearly we weren’t the only people excited about a break from the rain. After this we decided to return our bikes and hang out with Kingsley. It’s Super Bowl Sunday after all, we need to rest up to be awake at midnight for the game!

Super Bowl LIII

Having lived in Europe for about 6 years now, I have missed every single Super Bowl. I’ll be honest, I never really cared for football. In high school, games were a time for gathering with friends and cheering on my school. The only time I ever cared about football was for Super Bowl. My mom always had a party with many friends and lots of good snacks. Who doesn’t love snacks?

After moving away and not having a chance to watch Super Bowl I’ve really come to miss it. Steffen and I have even gotten into watching football this past season. I never thought I would actually be able to understand the game, but finally I do. As you all know by now, Steffen’s first Super Bowl ended up being one of the most disappointing games to watch in history. Sorry Steffen, hopefully next year will live up to the hype.

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Trine Nicole

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