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Valentine’s Day Nails

Pink Nails That Will Warm Up Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is only a week away and I thought it would be fun to come up with something festive for my nails. First I removed everything I previously had on; I want to start from scratch. I am not a fan of having naked nails, so I am ready to get some length back on them. Next is the hard part: figuring out how I want them to look.

I started with sculpting the length and shape with my Light Elegance Builder Gel in “Ideal Pink”. I often do acrylic on my nails, but I also love gel. Light Elegance is currently my favorite gel brand, and it’s an American company!

Valentine's Day Nails - Gel Nails - Nail Exntensions - Glitter Gel - Light Elegance Gel - CND Shellac - Swing by Sweden -Mauve Maverick - Heart Nails - Coffin Ballerina Nails - - Blog

Filing & Shaping

After building the length and shape of the nails I needed to shape them. An important part to having strong nail extensions is in the shaping. The apex, or center of the nail is the core. If the apex is too thin or flat, the nails will snap and break. The look I am going for is something between a tapered square and coffin shape. This shape is also known as ballerina.

Once I am satisfied with the shape and length it’s time to start looking at all my supplies and figure out what I want to do. I originally thought of doing something with red, however, I opted for light pink. Something about seeing the sun today made me want something light and spring like, even if it is only February.

Colors & Glitters

I am currently obsessed with this new glitter gel from Light Elegance. “Swing by Sweden” is a gorgeous irridescent glitter that changes depending on what color you pair it with. Their entire “Around the World” collection is stunning, from the rose gold, glitter reds, to the holographic gold it is really difficult to decide which one is my favorite. Today I’ve decided to use it in three different ways paired with CND shellac’s “Mauve Maverick”

Valentine’s Nail Art

For the index and little finger I used the glitter to create an ombre effect over the pink. For the ring finger I used a matte effect over the pink. I then painted an outline of a heart with white shellac then filled it in with the glitter gel. For the middle finger I created a “sugar” effect over the pink nail using CND’s glitter in “Sizzling Sand”. Lastly, for the thumb, I covered the pink color with the glitter gel.

I love this look, it’s so sweet and simple. Keep an eye out for future nail posts, I’ve got some fun ideas for my birthday nails!


Trine Nicole

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