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Celebrating My 25th Birthday

Birthday Brunch & Bubbles

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Laurent-Perrier
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I am officially twenty-five years of age; a quarter of a century! One thing that has never changed for me is how seriously I take my birthday. This year it landed on a Saturday, and before moving to France I had planned a birthday extravaganza. Things have changed and unfortunately I cannot have the big celebration with all my friends as originally planned. I will count my blessings though, because I am lucky enough to have an amazing fiancé that wants to make sure my birthday is a success.

Time to Pamper

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Birthday Nails - Gel Nails - Glitter Nails - Matte Nails - Swarovski Crystals - Dreaming of Dubai - Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Coffin Nails - Ballerina Nails - Blog - Trine Nicole - TrineNicole.com

The first rule to being a birthday queen is to make sure you pamper yourself a little bit. I’m not really in a position to go out for a pedicure and have my hair done at the moment, but home pampering will definitely do. Having done nails for 7 years I can luckily glam up my own nails. After having such soft and light tones on my nails for Valentine’s Day, I decided to go with something a bit more edgy. I did a combination of a light holographic gold and black. I mixed textures by having glitter, Swarovski crystals, and matte top coat.

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Pampering My Skin - Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask - This hydrogel face mask contains gold dust elements to rejuvenate the skin and leave you with a goddess glow - Blog - Trine Nicole - TrineNicole.com

While fixing my nails, I treated my hair to a conditioning mask. Bleaching and coloring my hair as often as I do, I need to make sure to give it some love. I prefer to use the brand Pureology for my hair, which I’ll share more about in my future “March Beauty Favorites” post.

Nails, check. Hair, check! Saturday morning is here and now it is time to pamper my face. Earlier in the week I stopped by H&M and picked up this wonderful Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask. I put the mask in the fridge over night, so it is soothing and cold. This rejuvenating mask gives my skin a glowing and dewy look, definitely worth trying.

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Prosecco - Mimosas - Fresh Flower Bouquiet - Flower Arrangements - Brunch - Birthday Brunch - French Toast - Fruit Salad - Eggs & Bacon - Food - Blog - Trine Nicole - TrineNicole.com


My favorite meal is brunch. Not breakfast, lunch, or dinner; but brunch. We planned a delicious spread of fruit salad, French toast, bacon, eggs and mimosas. Is it even brunch without a mimosa?

Grocery shopping in France has been a dream, I can find fresh, exotic fruits without spending an arm and a leg. My fruit salad consists of kiwi, mango, clementine, dragon fruit, and raspberries. I probably would’ve added more fruit, but I didn’t want to go completely overboard.

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Prosecco - Mimosas - Fresh Flower Bouquiet - Flower Arrangements - Brunch - Birthday Brunch - French Toast - Fruit Salad - Eggs & Bacon - Food - Blog - Trine Nicole - TrineNicole.com

While cooking French toast I had a surprise gift delivery. My thoughtful colleagues, Daniela and Natalie, are so sweet and considerate. They had a gorgeous flower arrangement sent to me.

On top of that, Steffen also had a surprise for me. He had hidden away a bottle of my favorite champagne; Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé. I LOVE this champagne, it’s delicious, crisp, and fresh. We’ll save the champagne for later though, we already have some chilled prosecco in the fridge for the mimosas.

Amazing Gifts

Celebrating My 25th Birthday - Birthday Gifts - Birthday Make Up - Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette - False Lashes - Beanie - Double Pom Pom Beanie - Home Made - Make Up - Blog - Trine Nicole - TrineNicole.com

After stuffing myself with french toast and fruit I open some gifts. One of the gifts from my little sister-in-law is an beautiful make up palette I’ve had my eye on for months now. This will also be featured in my March Beauty Favorites post, so I’ll leave you guessing with what it could be. My amazing mother-in-law is so talented at sewing and knitting, and she made me this adorable beanie to wear. I’ve wanted one like this for some time.

After opening gifts Steffen and I take some time to enjoy strolling around Pau. At about 25° C (77° F) it’s the perfect temperature to enjoy the city. We love to sit at one of the many cafes along the Boulevard de Pyrenees. Sipping bubbles and enjoying beautiful views of the mountains; there are definitely worse ways one can spend their birthday.

Birthday Dinner

We conclude my birthday with a lovely dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Côtes & Mer is a nice restaurant with a very friendly staff. They speak English and are super friendly about helping with translating different menu items, which makes the whole experience more enjoyable for us. Being the seafood lover that I am, I’m obviously excited. I ordered the Parrillada royale de crustacés, which includes 1/2 lobster, langoustines, extra large prawns, and Madagascan organic shrimps. Steffen isn’t as crazy about seafood as I am, so he goes for a simple grilled entrecôte. After a delicious meal we end the evening with some amazing crème brulée, one of my favorite desserts.

As much as I missed spending my birthday with my close friends, I still had a great day. Time with my cozy little family is something I will always appreciate. Having a fiancé who cares about making my day special is something I must never take for granted. Now to count down to next years birthday!


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