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Trine Nicole Blog - A Little About Me- January 2019 - Selfie - Winter
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I am Trine Nicole, half Norwegian half American, born and raised in Southern California. Six years ago, I moved to Norway to be with the love of my life, now I am currently residing in France for new adventures.

I am a dog mom, to Kingsley, my demonic yet still adorable Shetland sheepdog. You can read more about him here. I am a wifey to be, for some reason Steffen puts up with me even after 6 years.

I am a nail tech and own California Nails in Stavanger, Norway. Playing with glitter is the best. I am not sure whether I like eating or cooking food more.

I am a lover of music but cannot play an instrument to save my life. My obsession with Bath & Body Works candles is out of control. You can usually find me with some shade of pink in my hair.

I laugh at my own jokes way too often, extremely clumsy, and my goal for my blog is to share my experiences of living abroad, making mistakes, and learning from them.

Trine Nicole Blog - A Little About Me- January 2019 - Selfie with Kingsley - Shetland Sheepdog - Winter
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Trine Nicole Blog - A Little About Me- January - Shades of Pink - Aesthetic - Winter 2019

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